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Grace Gonzalez

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Por: John Guzman

miércoles, 04 de agosto de 2010


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Hispanic Leaders
Shaping Rhode Island:

   Amidst the race for government positions, gubernatorial debates, endorsements, and eventual promises, there are leaders in our community who remain long after the dust clears.  They are not chosen to serve, they serve by choice, and their names are not on the ballot, but often on the board of directors of non-profit organizations.  These leaders may prefer to remain in relative anonymity, but indeed are deserving of recognition.

 “… Connect resources to those who need them.”

Grace Gonzalez is currently employed by Neighborhood Health Plan of RI as Manager of Membership Outreach.  For the past 13 years she has been dedicated to serving her community by helping families obtain affordable health insurance through the State’s RIte Care program.  Grace holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration through Ravens University and an Associate Degree in Science through the Community College of RI. She has received numerous community awards.  In 2005, she received the Bill Richardson Award recognizing her for her community efforts, in 2003 the Healthy Schools Healthy Kids award for contributions made in coordinated school health, and in 2009 the Cesar Estrada Chavez Award for exceptional leadership, the Yield Community Award, and Extraordinary Woman Award for her community service. She is a former member of the Providence School Board serving from 2004-2010, and she serves on many community boards such as the Back to School of Rhode Island, United by a Smile, Boys Scouts of RI, RI Quality Institute, RIASPA, and Latina Leadership Institute.

Poder1110 asked:  “What drives you?”

Grace’s response:  “I enjoy serving our community. My passion is to advocate for the most vulnerable and connect resources to those who need them. I do the things I do because simply it’s the right thing.”


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Convocatoria de Marimbas del Recuerdo para nombras las calles de Providence con nombres centro americanos y el Parque Guatemala (atrás del castillo en la calle Cranston).

ago 16, 2010

Por:Edyn Fernandez


Carlos Fernández,  Director de Marimbas del Recuerdo,  convoco a las organizaciones Guatemaltecas  el Sábado 14 de Agosto del presente  [Leer más]


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Sabina Matos

ago 04, 2010

Por:John Guzman


Hispanic Leaders Shaping Rhode Island: “Eliminating negative stereo-types of Latinos, encouraging civic participation and empowering Latinos – it [Leer más]


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